About KiB




KiB, a family office serving expatriates and high net worth individuals, emerged amidst global changes, prioritizing financial security against inflation and diverse risks. Inspired by my parents' legacy stemming from 1954's insurance services, initiated after The Netherlands' great flooding. Tha family continued while staying rooted in our home country, with Walter being the youngest of four children, who started his own office man years later.

Transitioning from offering mortgage advice for cigars, our focus shifted to investments, gradually engaging a select group of families. Upholding exclusivity as my father's philosophy, we've recently expanded our approach, aligning with fathers final wishes. Age 95 he endorsed our relocation to Indonesia.

At KiB, starting at $10,000 USD, our bespoke solutions aim to align with client needs, fostering mutual compatibility. Developing our own Sky and Elite investment plans, our goal is to alleviate investors' concerns, ensuring peace of mind and offering advisers a solution for client.

Specializing in guaranteed alternative investments, our services extend beyond conventional financial products, aiming to create a brighter future for our clients. Honouring my father's legacy, a part of our success supports various charity goals.

As Founder/CEO, I, invite you to explore KiB's personalized strategies rooted in a rich history, ensuring a secure and prosperous future."


  ir Walter van der Boor



Our team

Renti vd Boor- Pangaribuan

Co-founder and Commissioner at KiB, Renti graduated in Law from University International Batam (UIB). With a background in Professional Golf and technology, she serves as our Compliance Officer. Renti is family-oriented, enjoying outdoor activities and travel. A devoted mother to the next generation, she resides on a yacht with Walter.

Vacancy for Advisors


Joining KiB? We are looking for highly motivated investment advisors that want to work remotely, are willing to learn, and have several years of experience in the investments and insurance industry. 


If building a solid, long-term practice in the offshore investment industry, with a strong family orientation, sounds good and you have a proven track record and qualifications, then you are invited to contact us. 

Distributors are invited

Expanding our distribution network we seek a select number of distributors with licensed financial advisers across jurisdictions for Sky and Elite plans. Limited opportunities are available.


Walter van der Boor



Founder and CEO of PT Keluarga invest Bahagia. With 25+ years of experience in the financial world, from entrepreneur to fund manager, broker. Advisor in both Europe and Asia. He has been rewarded with quality and government recognition. Held prestine licenses and received awards from various institutes.


Walter is investing since college in traditional stock markets and alternatives. With experience in Mortgages, various investment strategies, insurance and lending he has built a network of reliable parties around KiB.  


His hobbies are all around marine life and outdoor sports.