Invest and receive,

without the sleepless nights

under every condition?



Investment are a compromise between taking the risk and getting rewarded. But sometimes markets go in other directions than those we like. And often investments are bought on gutfeeling rather than with a systematic appproach. A comparison is easily made with sailing. A sailboat goes in any direction, not by changing the wind but by setting the sails. Therefore, a well-prepared sailor will have a choice of sails onboard and knows how to set them to arrive at the intended location. Whilst standard sails can work under many conditions, special sails can be set if needed. Where investments can be volatile at times, seas can be rough. Diversification is key to ride out any storm. We offer portfolios in such a way, that even if every sail seems to fail, we can still start the engine and arrive safely. And thus, given time,  we can offset inflation and do better than savings under every condition.



We consider the specials needs, currencies and tax etc..

Avoid locking your money in

Choose between funds or direct share holdings

Cost effective, Tax effective

invest without SLEEPLESS NIGHTS


We offer a range of investments as well as our traditional platform with discretionary management and low costs.



Private placement programs with capital guarantees and guaranteed high returns

Discretionairy management, Access to most exchange markets. 

Bespoke portfolio possibilities for Retail, HNW. UHNW 

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Looking after your family even when you are no longer around. That's what a good estate plan can do for you and your family

We offer a range of solutions that you could consider:

Trust set up, avoiding political or taxable events. 

Will writing, Power of attorney arrangement. 

Offshore bonds and other life insurances.

Other services


We don't stop at the standard services, talk to us about your needs and we might have a solution for instance for:

Worldwide Yacht registration and insurance.

Overseas real estate packages, with residency and 2nd passport. 

Offer Bundle investments